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Well so much for Fedex saturday delivery. I ordered a Antigua soprano from Dave Kessler last week and was suppose to arrive today but it didn't. Well actually it's probably for the best because I really wanted the Yanagisawa 901. Dave If you are reading this that Antigua is coming back to you because next week I won't be home. Please order me a Yanagisawa 901.

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Did you get a tracking number from Dave? At least you'll see if it's on the truck.

I love the sound already! I've just got to try it a few minutes, and I'm still testing various mouthpieces; so far my old Yamaha 4C sounds best. But I'm sure I'll grow into the Morgan he sold me...

And yes, it came with cork grease. (Didn't you ask about that?)

I wouldn't give up on it just yet. Although I haven't tried the Yani I know this is more than enough sax for me for years. I was also looking at the S901/991 but Dave talked me out of it. I said I may come back next year for it though.

Hang in there!
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