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Favourite recording of Debussy with Orch

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Yesterday I did a really interesting activity with a student of mine, where we sat down and listened to 4 different sax players doing the 1st half a page of the Debussy. We then discussed what we liked about each/didn't like. So I'm asking what is your favourite recording of the Debussy and why? Also if you like attributes of other sax players interpretation's what were they?
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I love Marcel Mule's the best. I have heard several recordings and nobody really plays with as much subtlety, sensuousness, and liveliness. Unfortunately, the recording is a bit old. And so the orchestra is not as well recorded as they are today. Therefore, if i was to pick the recording with the best orchestra I would probably pick the New York philharmonic recording w/ Sigurd Rascher.
chitownjazz said:
I like Deffayet's, beautifully controlled tone.

The Rascher version is my least favorite recording of his.

And I agree, "comparative listening" is really an excellent listening activity.
Yeah, this is perhaps the worst Rascher recording. I was totally surprised when i heard it. Tone immediately jumps out as the first problem, then intonation, the vibrato speed. But, it is Sigurd Rascher! I also like the french horns in the recording.

I have not heard Deffayet's.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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