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Fans of the "Horn Section" Need to Hear This!

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Check out this Minneapolis-based group called "The Hornheads." This five-person horn section used to back Prince, and now turns out outstanding arrangements by themselves:

Or their more official site:

Click on "Enter Flash" once there.
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These guys are amazing!! Thanks alot for sharing them!! I just ordered two of thier cd's. haha
dang. that is some rollicking good stuff. you had me at prince (i dig the funky purple one), but i really enjoyed what i was hearing when i wandered over to their site from the link you posted. great tip--thanks!
Yeah, I'm particularly fond of the tenor/sop player Kenni Holmen. I don't know if it's on either site, but they do a Stevie Wonder medley that's out of this world.
Wow, these guys are the real deal. Awesome arrangements!
SaxyAcoustician said:
Awesome arrangements!
My sentiments, exactly. Virtuosity aside, how to get five people to sound like ten, and without killing them off completely in the process, is a real art. Kudos to the arranger(s)!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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