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Family Pictures: Keilwerth saxophones

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I took a few snap shots of my Keilwerth family while out at the park a couple days ago.

Alto: SX-90R Clear-Nickel finish purchased in Summer of 1998, with a Geoff Lawton ebonite 7 Star B mouthpiece
Tenor: SX-90R Nickel-Silver finish purchased in Fall of 2005, with a Geoff Lawton bronze 8 B mouthpiece
Soprano: SX-90 Clear-Nickel finish purchased in December of 2019, with a Jason Lawton ebonite 7 B mouthpiece

(That's a Heil PR30 mic in the background, btw)

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Re: Family Pictures: alto, tenor, and soprano

You know what? Let's make this a photo thread.

Post up pics of your whole Keilwerth family.
The Nickel Silver finish is gorgeous !

I've struggled to settle on mouthpieces for my Keilwerths and will now try some Lawton pieces.

I love both the nickel-silver and the clear nickel. Pictures can't quite capture the look of the clear-nickel finish. It's darker than silver plating, but not dark like the black nickel. In person it's gorgeous. And the nickel-silver is gorgeous also and has such a deep and powerful sound.

Lawton mouthpieces are like the middle ground between a Link and a Berg. But with the power and projection of a Berg without the harshness.
Sweet set up but those stands omg
Why you no like my stands, bro? :(
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