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Conn NW II Soprano, NW I Alto, 10M Tenor, NW I C Melody & Allora Bari.
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They have two on there now. I'm not a Selmer fan but I would be suspicious of those two. The cases looks like the ones that come with the cheap Chinese horns.

Some of the Goodwill saxophone auctions appears to go for more than what they go for sometimes on eBay.
Some of the Chinese horns I've seen, got close for what a new Chinese horn is being sold for online.

But it does help a charity.

You got to know what your bidding on there. Sopranos listed as Clarinets, clarinets listed as flutes and vice versa. Tenors listed as Altos, clarinets listed as saxophones etc. 馃檪

I've only got two C Melody saxophones off of Goodwill. One was a Conn with the original mouthpiece. Needs some work but it's a keeper for me. The other one, a Buescher will likely be a wall hanger. It's much more worse off than I thought.

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certainly fake but people have to learn to defend themselves
With respect Milandro, Goodwill is selling donated items. They commonly have a disclaimer noting that they are not expert in assessing the items that they donate. I sincerely doubt that they would want to mislead their customers. While your point about learning to defend oneself has merit, I think that offering an organization like Goodwill assistance in a case like this is a good idea.
With that in mind I looked for that instrument listing with the intention of linking their store to this thread (I lack the knowledge to explain what you and others immediately recognize). I am guessing that someone else beat me to it as I don't find it listed anymore.
My guess is that Goodwill would appreciate the help of those who are expert in assessing their items with...ahem...goodwill.
I don't know that that is the case for other websites...
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