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I'm in the market for a new Mpc. I have already decided on Runyon but need help picking a facing. I'm buying for a C-Mel (thus, their c-mel mpc) and I plan to play a wide range of musical styles as the only Sax with a small band.

I'm looking to get a general idea how each facing really affects the sound. I'm looking for a velvet warm tone (think Diana Krall). However, I would like information regarding all the facings for future reference.

Secondly, how does the Runyon C-mel compare with the Vintage Conn Eagle mpc? How does Vintage compare to modern? This is mainly for reference because I do want to purchase a mpc with a goal in mind.
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The Runyon will play much better, I think. A more modern saxophone sound whereas I find the original pieces sound a bit dead. The Conn might be ok, though, as you are looking for velvet warm.

C Melody horns have a small bore and velvety warm sound to them to begin with. So it's not as bold as it would be with a similar mouthpiece design on, say, an alto or tenor.

I play Zinners on my own C-Melody - they have a Meyer kind of feel and sound to them, so they are "familiar" if you are used to a Meyer on alto or tenor. I got mine through SOTW's "mosplace" in Germany.

I've also had good experiences playing Morgans. It's been a while, but I believe the Runyon was fairly narrow. Played well.

Your facing choice? Go with something around .080 to .085 and use a 3 tenor reed - that should be powerful enough yet warm.
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