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Hi !

I hope everyone's fine.
Don't ask why I don't play the saxophone anymore.
I don't know why I like playing the guitar.
Here some craps.

I'm still right-handed, Facebook inverts everything.

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Dude you are great on sax and guitar.
Play what makes you feel good! I like your sax and guitar stuff. Rock on 🤘
Thanks a lot for your comments.
In fact I've played the guitar for 30 years, I've known things about jazz guitar for 28 years.
You know they were a lot of guitarists and I didn't dare to play because I wasn't able to play a standard from point A to point B.
With time because of my job (music teacher), step by step, day by day I'm learning more (I sing and play the piano), I feel more comfortable.
I wasted a lot of time when I didn't dare to play jazz guitar, that's a shame.
Now my pupils sing some jazz standards (the ones I can sing and play on the piano), while my colleagues struggle to make them sing simple songs.
I don't mean it's complicated, jazz standards are simple tunes if you play them by only thinking about their forms and where they go.
So, as you guess, I wasted a lot of time, I've really been into jazz guitar for two years I think. Before that I had a bass guitar period from April 2005 to now, during that period I learnt more about forms.
I played in various blues bands, sometimes in the same band, I was switching both instruments, sometimes I played the bass in jazz jam sessions.
I tried many times to play in a band, they wanted me as a saxophonist, these bands usually went nowhere, one or two gigs and then everything was off.
Two years ago I wanted to make a band as a saxophonist, the bass player who have known me for a decade encouraged me to play the guitar, this way we didn't have to look for a guitarist.
The band was never born but I do play the guitar now.
There are some people now who say I'm a guitarist, it took time.
I've got a lot of stories to tell but I think you've got the same ones and more.
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