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Fabrizio D'Alisera baritone trio. Conn12m+vintage Otto Link

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This is me with Stefano Nunzi double bass and Andrea Nunzi drums.

I think that I have found something special in this Conn.
I've been playing the same set up for almost ten years and I don't feel the need to look for something else.
I just want to knockle down and work hard with me and this intrument.
Have you ever experienced the same?

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Sounds good.

I've been playing the same 12M as my main saxophone since 1984 (38 years, same horn), and the same Meyer mouthpiece since 2006 (16 years, same mouthpiece).

My second instrument is alto: same Conn 6M since 1978 (44 years, one horn) and Meyer mouthpiece since 2000 (22 years, same mouthpiece).

I think there's a lot to be said for just getting to know the instrument you have, rather than constantly chasing after something different. I've been married 32 years, too. My two professional day jobs to date are 20 years and 16 years (and continuing) in duration.
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Thank you @turf3 , you are an example of a person who continues to use what works.
I think that experimenting for a period is good to discover what you like and what you don't, but this doesn't mean that the process should last a lifelong time.
If experimenting comes to the excess it inhevitably lead us to confusion.
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Love what you're doing on Bari. Great sound and feel. What's the serial? I'm more than likely buying a Conn 247xxx soon. I have always been attracted to the sound of a 12M. Especially when a good player is behind it!

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Thanks Simon, I appreciate your words!
In my opinion Conn baritones from '30 to '45 with rolled tone holes are the best sounding baritones that you can find.
Some people say that they have bad intonation, but it's not true. If you use a large chambered mouthpiece and you know how to blow they have a good intonation.
They are also lighter than many modern low A horns.
My baitone is from '45 311XXX serial.
I play on an old Otto Link slant signature refaced to '115.
I don't know who refaced it, I bought it yet refaced.
247,XXX is a good serial number!
I'm curious, what are th medium prices in the US?
In Italy thery are around 4.000 euros if in mint condition.
I'd say a silver plate 12M with rolled tone holes and the front F ought to bring about $4000 in the US, which right now is about E4000.

Personally I wouldn't want to play baritone without having the front F. It came rather late to the Conn baritones, maybe about 1935 or so. The key can be added if you can find a tech who's willing to do it.
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My horn has front F. The ones after the transitional series, have that key.
I think you have a really attractive Sound, just a pity in this recording the bass/drums are a bit lost
Thanks @madav , I recorded with a zoom h4N, which is a nice device, not super professional, but nice. The problem is that I didn't place it in a good position.
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