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F mezzo

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Anyone seen one of these for sale lately? Would really like to own one just to say I have one, but they're not nearly as prevelant as C melodies....anyone bought/sold one recently that could give me an idea as to the cost on a decent horn in F ?

Thanks! -Pat
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Pat: Like you say . . . REALLY rare. I know a guy who plays one, but I doubt if he's selling! The last one I saw available was a few years ago - for mucho dinero. DAVE
Yea I found one on Ebay, a conn that some dealer has, starting at about 4500 bucks....:|

....I kinda wish they were like C melodies, no one wants em, so we'll sell em cheap...=P

- Pat
I own a beautiful F-Mezzo. It was the (as my research indicates) second one ever built. It is 100% intact. It has the original case, mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap, and lyre. Satin Silver plat with gold plate bell interior. It played very beautifully; the sound is like a bass soprano, if such a beast were to exist.

They are very expensive as they are so rare. I would say you can expect to pay well over $4,000 for one in decent condition. Mint examples can go upwards of $5k. The one you mentioned on Ebay is very nice, and is actually just about 50 Serial numbers away from mine! I have never seen that finish on an F-Mez either.

They are loads of fun though!!! I love to play mine!

Steve P
I'm curious, what size reeds do the F-Mezzo's take? And could you use a regular soprano mouthpiece on one?
If you ever want to hear an F mezzo played incredibly well, check out Thomas Chapin's recordings. Holy cow does that thing sound great... I'd love to know what became of his when he passed away.
check . They show a Conn for sale.
Also check out Rob Verdi's CD 'Prose and CONNversation' featuring the F-Mezzo's twin, the Conn-O-Sax.

Steve P
Holy ****! I have some items that belong in a museum. One of which is just as rare as that saxophone. I wonder if he would Trade...
theres one on ebay now
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