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Altissimo G natural is notoriously difficult on King tenors, and for years I disliked that note on my King. I knew about he practice of opening the front high F just a crack to better enable altissimo G, but I avoided that adjustment because I didn't like the severe lost motion it introduced to the mechanism. After reading this thread, I tried the suggestion to play altissimo G with a business card under the high F key, plus the left hand B key. I got a great altissimo G. I feel a little foolish that I had not tried this trick before, but I immediately lowered the alternate high F key height to about 1 mm. Thanks, Steve P.
The small opening of the front F key to facilitate the altissimo G played with the front F key was used by Rousseau with his students and he mentions it in his book "Saxophone High Tones". The idea is to learn to play the high G with this "aid" and then when one learns the proper "voicing" to make that note speak the front F can be returned to a full opening position. Since I do a lot of these adjustments for local university students who study with a former student of Rousseau's I came up with a simple modification that allows the front F to be adjusted from one setting to the other without creating lost motion.

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