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Extremely Stiff Action

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I've been playing saxophone for a number of years and have pretty much only had experience with one horn (my own) as I grew up in Brazil and was satisfied with it because it was all I knew.

Unfortunately as i am now in music college I am having a hard time playing repertoire that require more speed. (Up till now i always played by ear and if I couldn't do it one way i would just to another way...) Now in college some of the pieces I play require a great amount of speed and I just can't play them because the action is so heavy. My instructor was really surprised by the amount he had to press down to get a sound out. The problem occurs especially in high D-F# and low C-Bb.

Is there any cheap way of getting this fixed? What is the amount I would be looking at paying? I imagine that if you change the action you would have to change the pads as well...

P.s. I'm playing an old Conn Instructor wants me to just get a new horn but financially it just isn't feasible...Thanks so much for any responses!
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I thinkits possibly leaking as well as hard springs,you might need some key corks replaces on the c/b/a/keys as well as the d/e/f keys. I would go & see a tech & have the horn checked out.......
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