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Experienced Player Seeking Lessons

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Hello SOTW Friends,

I'm posting to see if I can find an instructor who can help me "get back in playing shape". I've been playing sax (alto until now) since I was in 3rd grade, played all through high school and college. When I was playing regularly, I was considered a very advanced player (in 5th grade I was playing in regional bands with high school students, etc.). I recently bought a new Yamaha Tenor and am interested in picking up playing sax not on Alto, but on Tenor and getting back into playing, hopefully bringing my skill level back to where it was (or better). It's been a long time and I can tell from my tone, ability to move around the keys, etc., that I'm VERY rusty.

What I am hoping to find is an instructor who has specifically worked with players in my situation and would be willing to take me on as a student. I'm located in NJ (EST) so obviously time zones would be a consideration. I realize that with Covid, most, if not all instruction is being done virtually and I'm fine with that provided you are comfortable with using video technology.

Thanks in advance for considering me, I look forward to hearing from anyone who thinks they might be a good fit.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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