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Experience with beechler mpcs?

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Hey guys I've been looking into the beechler tonalex n other beechler pieces n was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the chambers on these pieces, especially the tonalex. How was your experience with them n what other mpc do u think they sound similar too. It would be greatly appreciated
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I've played on a diamond inlay forever, and really like it. I had a 6s now play 7s. While I think they can be bright, my preference is actually towards a pretty convential sound/tone (some of my favorite altoists sound wise are Bird, Hodges, Cannonball, Phil Woods, Charlie Mariano, Dick Oatts).

Don't have any pictures, by my recollection is there is a bit of a tone ring inside making the chamber a little smaller than a Meyer (for example).
Guess that was a poor choice of words there with conventional... what I meant was they are each examples of a very classic jazz alto sound. All highly admired and emulated.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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