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I used a metal otto link super tone master for years when I was in my 20s and 30s, and when I played in the Lionel Hampton Orchestra between 1982 and 1986. I got a metal otto link for the alto because I had always loved Sonny Stitt's sound and Sonny used a Super Tone Master on both tenor and alto. Sonny Stitt always had an incredible focused sound with great character, a nice bite and yet a very warm full sound whether he was playing up tempos or a slow ballad.
Now, after many years, I am trying to play a metal otto link on alto again, but am finding that they are especially tough to find good reeds. I have been playing a metal super tone master on tenor for years and I don't find it much of a challenge to get a decent sound with most reeds, but the alto is rather finicky. Good luck with your piece and I suggest just to stick with it for a while until you can get comfortable. It's a very different kind of mouthpiece and you have to blow them a bit different than say a Meyer or Gregory or any hard rubber piece. If you can get it working, there's nothing quite link it. Check out some Stitt from mid-fifties through late sixties and you'll hear that sound.
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