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I'm not sure if my expectation is off on this one so I need other perspectives. Here's the situation:

A name brand player is coming to town to play a fundraiser and the jazz quartet I play with was hired to back him up. It's smooth jazz thing. The leader of the quartet sent me a recording and concert pitch lead sheet. There's only one sort rehearsal right before the show.

His Expectations:
He expects me to listen to the recordings (which don't match the lead sheets) and figure out the background parts for a one time gig.

My Expectations:
If there are specific parts within very specific arrangements I need to play, then a written parts should be provided.

This is not a big money gig and it's frustrating as I've already been over this with the leader of the quarter. Even in the wedding band I left we had written parts for everything and was paid WAY more.

Now if this was music we all play in wedding/bar situations then I could certainly figure those out on the gig but this is all original music from the Brand Name players Albums.

What do working pros do - Is this the norm?
What kind of background parts does a sax have for smooth jazz stuff? Is it horn lines or just fills and such? or lines played in sync with the lead player or rhythm section? I'm surprised that if he wants lines played exactly that he doesn't have charts with those lines on them........
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