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Exercise for Scale Practice

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This is nothing ground breaking, just something that has helped me which I thought i'd share.

Its an exercise that not only helps get the scales down and fluent, but could improve or expand your rhythmic capabilities - especially transitions from one rhythm to another within a phrase.
It can apply to any scales, for any level, should be used with your friend the metronome and is to be used with all the usual articulation, tempo and dynamic variations, extended scales etc associated with normal scale practice.

Use it with tempos that you're comfortable with , or at least the fastest rhythms ( i.e the semi quavers or 16ths ) . Play them all equally without skipping to the faster ones as slower rhythms are sometimes just as difficult to play accuratley...Good Luck. When you get used to it , change the rhythms randomely and have some fun with it.:)

I hope the attachment works as ...:cool: The figures ( if the quality is poor ) are triplet ' 3 ' s.
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Looking at this again i'd like to add that the attachment example is just that, and it shouldn't be read exactly. In practice you will want to stay on certain rhythms for a lot longer depending on the difficulty.
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