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Excess saliva.

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Since a year of two my sound has become more and more "spitty". I know now that this has to do with excess saliva due to Parkinson disease. The medicins I found (Glycopyrronium, Biperideen) to diminish the saliva production do have severe side effects so I doubt to take them. I do use Levodopa. Does anyone of you know a solution?
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I have been a "wet" player all my life. What helps me is to:

- swallow saliva before I play
- inhale sharply through the mouthpiece during rests to draw the moisture back to where it came from
- in longer rests, remove the neck and tap it against the top of the leg to "knock out" moisture
- when time permits, run a clarinet "hanky swab" through both the neck and mouthpiece with the reed removed (of course)
- "polish" the back of the reed by rubbing it back and forth with the grain on a firm paper over a perfectly flat surface till it is shiny*

* this allows the water to form "beads" like on a waxed car and roll of the reed rather than remain and make a "sizzling" sound
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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