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Excess saliva.

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Since a year of two my sound has become more and more "spitty". I know now that this has to do with excess saliva due to Parkinson disease. The medicins I found (Glycopyrronium, Biperideen) to diminish the saliva production do have severe side effects so I doubt to take them. I do use Levodopa. Does anyone of you know a solution?
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First of all I am very sorry to hear of your disease.

it is certainly possible for you to try different mouthpieces but I am afraid that the problem may require a more complex solution (try that first, , Personally I'd tyry a bigger external shape than your metal mouthpiece and probably a more closed one , in this way you would relax even more your enbouchure stimulating the salivary glands less).

If this fails, and may very well do, then you may consult with a specialist , the extrema ratio may be tone or more of these
but OP is, unfortunately for him, talking of a medical condition which exceeds the typical situation in which a player produces too much of a wet sound.
double post (seen many today, there must be some problem)
cannabis has been proven useful for many things but in this case botulin (also a natural product) shows more promises
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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