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EWI or keyboard for late night quiet improv practice and learninging

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Title is a quickie summary: I feel am on the right track to learn to play jazz on the sax however I can't quite practice as much as I wish in the interest of domestic tranquility. I had a few years of piano lessons a billion years ago but have no technique left. If I took up keyboard, it would take a while to learn basic technique before getting to the point where it would be any help with playing jazz saxophone. Correct me if I am wrong. OTOH the keyboard may be more beneficial for things such as arranging, playing lines against chords, possibly for transcribing solos, etc. For sure many of the jazz greats such as Diz, Miles, Tom Harrell and many others whom I forget worked things out on piano. I suspect the fingering of the EWI is something I could quickly learn. However I have heard that too much time on the EWI can give one bad habits such as playing without breath support. lazy fingers etc. I am susceptible to RSI; perhaps a keyboard instrument is less likely to bother a sax player because it is so different. Comments/suggestions?
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I have an 88-key electric piano in my music room, but I get more use out of my Yamaha Pianica because it is next to me wherever I am in the house.
On it I can play a progression, play a melody, figure out a rhythm, spell scales and arpeggios, verify a transcription by ear, practice mental transposition, experiment with voice leading and inner voice movement, on and on.
So handy, no batteries, articulates like a woodwind... what's not to like?
BUT, it does not help me play sax better.
If your house has quiet hours, dry playing is pretty darn useful in my experience. Audiate the melody or exercise clearly in your head first and then hum it while you finger the notes on your horn. You can (should!) do this with a metronome--the quiet sound of pads closing will tell you if you are in the groove. And sometimes you can even get a quiet hint of pitch from the tube as pads vibrate it. If you DO work with a metronome, you can easily increase tempo and work productively on finger facility and efficiency.
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