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Going on 80 what will happen after I shuffle off has occured to me.
The remains (now marketed as "cremains")following cremation usualy go into some kind of urn(a cinerary or in ancient Greece a Lekythos)or are spreadover ocean or landI would like to be gathered in a pretty pouch.
.(The ones that came with Crown Royal Whiskey would be nice) and then
placed in the bell of my engraved 1939 Conn 10M and hung on the living room wall.My only concern is that my relatives would get sick of seeing it, and me, hanging there and decide to sell it.Would the fact that it was employed as a cremation urn make it unsalable?I am comforted by the fact that ashes have gone stranger places.Keith Richards snorted some of his fathers ashes mixed with a large dose of cocaine.I just would not want a gray cloud to decend upon the paying customers after I am gone.
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