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Eva Cassidy

Maybe not so obsure...her recordings have backdropped some skate competitions in the olympics...a few recent movies. Times magazine did a short article on her life. I own 5-6 cd's...compilations...with duplicate songs.
According to a short bio I've read...record companies didn't know what to do with her because she sang so many different styles of music...I guess it didn't matter that she sang just about everything better then most. She has a rather short recording the time she was "discovered", she was dying or dead. Cancer...
One jazz tune recording of hers that will give you chills up your spine..or at least it did it for her recording of "You've Changed"...also catch her renditions of "Autumn Leaves"...and "Over the Rainbow".
She played guitar and backup vocals on much of her stuff.
What a great lost....:cry:
Thank you for opening this post!
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