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EV Evolve 50 vs. RCF Evox J8

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So after 15 years of faithful service, one of my Bose L1 towers died on a gig last week. It refuses to power on. I "may" be able to get it fixed locally, as Bose will not fix these any longer. Now I'm nervous that the other one will crap out soon. While I have been pretty happy with the Bose, the new ones are just too darn expensive. I have been looking at the competitors, and it seems like the Evolve 50 and the Evox J8 are both pretty highly rated, and more affordable. The Evolve is $1,599 and the Evox is $999, vs. the Bose which is over $2,000.

The application is as the main speakers for a 7 piece classic rock band with 3 horns. We are using the QSC Touchmix 30 mixer. I have always been impressed with Electrovoice stuff, so am leaning that way, but I'm curious if anyone has done a side by side comparison, especially in a live setting. I tried listening to them both at Guitar Center, but only with some music from my phone. Between all the background noise and the cardboard boxes piled six feet high everywhere, it was hard to tell the difference.
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Ive been using EV self-powered amps as both fronts, monitors and their 18" cab for bass along with EV microphones. No problems in 7 years.
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