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The development of the 62 saxophone. A conversation with Eugene Rousseau


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Re: Eugene Rousseau: The develpment of Yamaha 62 saxophone

About blind testing.... so many people would need to learn this lesson

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Very interesting video clip. He seems to be a very smart man. Thank you Milandro.

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Yes thank you so much. That was very interesting. Rousseau in addition to being a virtuoso classical player is a true "master teacher" as well in my opinion. I believe that fact will become quickly obvious to anyone who watches his "Steps to Excellence" video series on the fundamentals of playing the saxophone. I had the privilege of watching Rousseau conduct a master class at a local university, and the clarity and brevity of his comments to the participants was remarkable. There was no "rambling", going off topic, unnecessary repetition, or unclear directions that one sometimes hears at a presentation on how to play the saxophone. Every word was well chosen and there was never any wasted language or time for the participants for that matter.

At the end of the class one of the students asked Mr Rousseau if he would play something for the group. He asked what the student would like to hear. The Creston Sonata was suggested. He said it has been several years since I played that piece, but I will give it a try. His accompanist pulled the piano music out of a large satchel and Rousseau played the entire work perfectly completely from memory.

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I had the pleasure of attending a week long 'retreat' for saxophones at Shell Lake Wisconsin in 1980 where Dr. Rousseau was the main professor. He coached our sax quartet. I also attended IU from 1982-1986 (but studying audio tech). I was pleased to hear Dr. Rousseau many times. I also played in an 'ad hoc' sax quartet (which had Steve Stusek in it). Dr Rousseau coached us several times.

I remember when the 62 came out, because my undergrad teacher was a yamaha artist, and a Rousseau student. He sold me his YSS61 when he bought a YSS62.

I recorded many of his students in their recitals, as well as heard him play the Feld concerto soon after it was first premiered. Not only is he knowledgeable, but also witty and urbane.

He is a gentleman and a scholar.

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The early Yamaha's were made from WWII brass shell casings

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Nice find, Milandro I love my 62 alto. Even a certifiable gasaholic such as myself has never found a better horn for my purposes. There may be better horns in terms of sound character but IMO none with the virtues of fluid keyword, bulletproof reliability, flawless finish and solid intonation that my 62 delivers.

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Great vid Milandro...Mr Rousseau did a promo for Yamaha 62's in Birmingham UK in the early '80's it was very impressive indeed-so was his playing of course.Yamaha certainly 'got it right' with the early 62's and compare with Conn 6/10/12 M saxes of an earlier era for consistency and reliability

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Does anyone have information on the creation of the 61 Yamaha models? As you know, such an alto saxophone was presented by Yamaha to John Coltrane during his 1966 Japanese tour.

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Yes, he got an alto.

Yamaha back then, when they started the production of their saxophones taking over Nikkan, asked the people by KHS to help them with the design.

KHS (also known as Jupiter) had produced saxophones since the 鈥30. The two companies had financial ties (KHS is still the importer of Yamaha on Taiwan and island that had been a Japanese colony, may of the old generation on Taiwan still speak Japanese).

No, Yamaha has, nothing to do with Leblanc had had its roots with Nikkan Gakki which was the company that originated both Yamaha and Yanagisawa.

Also they asked KHS Jupiter (which had traditional ties with the Yamaha company because they were the Taiwanse importers.

KHS has lineage traceable in the 鈥30.

鈥..It all began in 1963, when the Japanese company Nikkan established a wind instrument factory in Saitama, Japan. Yamaha contributed financial and technical assistance, marking this early venture as the beginning of Yamaha wind instruments. In 1965 the first wind instrument to bear the Yamaha name, a trumpet, was produced, and the company displayed trumpets, trombones and saxophones at the 1967 Chicago NAMM show. Nikkan and Yamaha merged in 1970, and Yamaha opened the world's largest wind instrument factory in Toyooka, Japan the same year..."



Wan-Wu was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


The company was renamed to KHS after WWII.


KHS Enterprise was established and registered, in Taipei, Taiwan.


KHS KHS Investing Co., Ltd. was established.


In LuChou, we were starting making harmonica products.


Wind instruments were made.


KHS Trading Co., Ltd. was established to export bananas and import musical
instruments, PE gears and equipments for school.


1969 Taiwan Yamaha Musical Instruments was co-founded by KHS and Yamaha for piano production.
KHS Enterprise was divided into three entities:
wKHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. produces and exports wind instruments and percussions.
wKHS Investing Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells motorcycles.
wKHS Trading Co., Ltd. is the agency importing musical instruments form YAMAHA. "
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