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This post brings up sad memories for me. My grandparents had a giant Estey organ from the 1880's. Lots of knobs and knee boards that I never really figured out. I ended up with it because my ceilings were high enough. When I finally decided to sell it when I downsized, no takers. I had somebody come and give me an appraisal. Too big, nobody wants them, can't afford to ship. I took it into the backyard and broke it up with a sledge hammer. Ebony keys and some of the beautiful solid walnut went to a friend that makes high-end arts and crafts style furniture. Very sad.

I found some odd things inside. It apparently had been a hidy-hole for some kid. I still have the 1930's vintage package of sparklers. The access doors on the backside of it now cover the demand hot water heater in the house that I built (shown in the first picture here). Still sad.

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