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I love you guys. Louis Armstrong is not here to discuss swing feel and to create new Jazz musicians. YOU ARE. Mr. Armstrong is one of our heroes, and his music is as essential today as it was then, but you are among his living Jazz progeny. Thanks for this video.

If I was smart, I'd stop there.

But, I feel like I should offer some additional comment.


It's not easy to become a good Jazz musician. To a lot of our youth, picking up a mic and babbling some Rap is far easier. An IPad with Guitar hero is even easier. This site is precious as a resource for people to learn about Jazz and the saxophone. I try to respect it. I try to respect the time of people accessing it. And, I'm not even posting training materials. YOU ARE. With all respect to you, I humbly ask the following:

1. Keep posting lessons. Please.
2. Be mindful of the fact that some student or practitioner has spent a lot of time trying to find information about Jazz. They've suffered pop-ups, web scams, know-nothings, malware, broken links, and erroneous search engine results to find you. Or, they've got only 30 minutes to soak up some pithy knowledge before they need to get the kids to bed to go to work in the morning. When you post a lesson, be disciplined, structured and get to the point. This video sounds more like two guys reminiscing about their great musical experience -- half of this should have been a nice Friday night with beer where you two reminisce. The actual instruction did not begin until close to half the video was played.
3. Pretend that you are teaching. Define your terms. When you say 2-feel, explain it. Act as though people have chosen to entrust their time with you to (in this case) learn about swing feel. Direct your speech to the camera. Meaning, your AUDIENCE.
4. Imagine that a student who could be great -- who could inspire people you care about is watching, and that your teaching could tip the balance toward something greater in their musical life. Or that it could be so inaccessible that that great saxophonist decides to become a gangsta rapper instead. Treat them accordingly. Plan what you are going to say. Write down a script or lesson agenda. Do not allow your lesson to play out as though it were an extemporaneous chat session between two old buds.
5. Keep posting. Ignore my bullsh7t. You two are adult tax paying citizens in the Nation of Jazz. I thank you for what you posted. (and yes, i did watch the whole mthfking tape which is why I'm replying..

aw fck it.

I'm gonna git another glass of wine.

I was logged on to find something about double tonguing, I got distracted with you'se two and now look at me.....


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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