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Equinox and some other Christmas Offerings.

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I just put up a recording of Coltrane's Equinox in a tunnel right by where I live.

I have out up The Vince Guaraldi Christmas Time is here (
) from my Gig playing outside WalMart with my Guitar playing Cohort. Also some other Christmas selections but these will be up over the next couple hours.

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Have listened to a few of these new tracks. Always great technique on display and amazing that you can get any control of the tone in the outdoors cold.

The comments/constructive criticism are similar to the earlier video. On Equinox you're playing as though the backing band/track is there. It's not. Still a good rendition but only makes sense if somebody is already familiar with the original. The Christmas tunes should have had a better response from passer-bys, but I'm not sure it worked that well. Good to have the guitarist with you. I know how hard it is to play when it's cold, but the heads on those tunes didn't have any warmth to them. Possibly vibrato would have helped? The tone and attitude completely changes in your "solo". But this was once again screaming and I don't think it communicated anything much other than "hey, I've got good technique"! Nobody cares. Technique needs to be in the service of music, not the subject of it.

This is especially evident in "Christmas Time is Here". This is a quiet reflective tune and you're playing a solo FFF. You're not drawing people in, you're pushing them away. In this sort of busking situation you have around 15 seconds to capture them, if that's mostly hearing something that aggressively played they are not drawn in, they are pushed away. Remember when you first learned how to growl and used it way too much? You don't need to use everything you've got all the time. Pushing hard is what you do in the woodshed. Communicating and touching people's hearts is what you do in public.

You've worked hard to achieve your technical abilities. It’s best way to use these sparingly. Old saying, leave them wanting more. If you are pushing hard continually, people will back away. Draw them in.
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Good analogy of the race car. Do you know who Charles Lloyd is? If you get a chance check him out. He's one of my favourite players. He plays with extreme intensity but not loudly. This is the trick, have all of the technique, control, etc. and put it out there without the aggressiveness or volume. He draws listeners to him to hear every nuance of what he's playing. Here's a few you tubes to check out:

Note how instead of increasing volume he increases intensity. In fact he often lowers the volume which adds to the intensity! You get the feeling that there is so much more behind what he's doing and get drawn in. This guy is the great master of understanding how to play to an audience. Saw him live for the first time a year ago and was blown away. He's in his mid 70s and plays so sweetly but with fantastic technique and that unmistakable intensity.

Hope this helps and inspires.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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