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EQing Equalizing for Sax in Live Performance

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Sorry if this has been answered, but what is your EQ setting for sax (i.e., sop, alto, & tenor) in live performance? Do I really need to EQ for sax? In other words, unlike guitar, sax does not seem to have any mid-honks or so.

Thank you in adavance.

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Hi Howard,

If you're working with a good sound guy, let him (or her!) listen to your unamplified sound, so he knows what to shoot for sound-wise. There are so many concepts as to what a sax should sound like (and not just among sax players!). I assume you want to sound like - you! :)

Oh, if you don't have a sound guy you can record yourself with the mic you plan to use live and see what kind of EQ you need to make it sound "like you". This will give you a rough guide only, as their are other factors to consider in each venue that you play- acoustics, etc.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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