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EQing Equalizing for Sax in Live Performance

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Sorry if this has been answered, but what is your EQ setting for sax (i.e., sop, alto, & tenor) in live performance? Do I really need to EQ for sax? In other words, unlike guitar, sax does not seem to have any mid-honks or so.

Thank you in adavance.

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There's no simple answer to this question. It depends on the room, the mic, the PA, the EQ, the band-----a multitude of variables.

Generally the less, the better--and that goes for all instruments, unless you're going for an effect.
CiaranAudio said:
The only blanket thing that remains with sax is that a nice gouge at 6K will really make things much more listenable. Ie, less strenuous on the audience. I know lots of sax players who have tonnes of overtones around 6K and yeah...ugh....
Well, I've done live sound for Liebs, Ravi Coltrane, Paquito, among others and didn't feel the need to 'gouge out at 6k'.:cool:

But, then again, I prefer the EAWs that I was using for mains than Mackies...
Wouldn't it be easier to just not place the mic too close to the bell?
Then the mic wouldn't pick up the bell resonances. When I play, even though most name brand players don't, I put my mic on the top side of the bell aiming it between my hands. This gets what I feel as the most natural sound without using EQ. The trade off is that key noise is a bit greater. I don't mind the key noise, especially if it's R&B.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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