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EQing Equalizing for Sax in Live Performance

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Sorry if this has been answered, but what is your EQ setting for sax (i.e., sop, alto, & tenor) in live performance? Do I really need to EQ for sax? In other words, unlike guitar, sax does not seem to have any mid-honks or so.

Thank you in adavance.

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I've found that saxophone needs the least EQ-ing of any live instrument. But, then I'm not big on EQ-ing much. I prefer to fix things with mic choice and positioning. Your particular room or stage may need some EQ to compensate for standing waves and such.

If the player has a good solid sound, and you are using a decent mic (not one of those Guitar Center "buy three mics, stands and cables for $49.95" specials), then you shouldn't need a whole lot of EQ, unless you are using it for an effect.

As always, use your ears, if it sounds bad, then it's wrong.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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