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Hi, I have seen all the enameled saxes by conn and buescher (loved that polychromatic alto, and the black -gold bass ) on sax pics. From what I saw some of them were engraved after the enameling process , or all of them were first engraved and then enameled???
what kind of paint was used on these? lacquer over the paint? reengraving after enameling?
I have really been intrigued by these, they look so nice and the seem to have a lot of love and attention given to them when they were made. I am seriously thinking of giving a lyon conn stencil that I have to my girlfriend to try to copy the polychromatic pattern (or apply them on the engravings of the lyon which currently is far from getting back to playable condition) seen on that new wonder..
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
She is a detail freak and draws like a "pro" so I think that if we find out about the exact method and exact materials used she would do it quite fine..she even liked the idea and is willing to spend a lot of time on it if needed.
I would love to own a copy of these because they are so rare it is too difficult to get one..
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