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My teacher told me that embrochure actually depends on the saxophonists themselves..he jsut told me to bite the mouthpiece with my upper teeth and close my mouth as to ensure no air passes through the sides of my mouth...

Does this suffice or should i pay attention to other details as well?

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Wendy, this is a massive subject. You will find lots of advice here, try searching for "embouchure" and you can read reams and reams.

Your teacher is right, simplistically it is about forming an airtight seal arounf the mouthpiece, and bite gently in to the top. Use a rubber pad on the mouthpiece, it stops the vibration and protects the mouthpiece. If you find you are going through these pads, you are biting too hard. Mine has lasted a year!

There are lots of different opinions the way to form an embouchure. Pete Thomas has excellent advice here;

I use "figure 6", it is very common. You may experience slight discomfort if your teeth dig into your bottom lip, be very gentle, don't bite too hard. Try and make your lower lip ino a strong cushion, don't try and bite up too much. Try and imagine your whole mouth shape like an elastic band at the front. I get the best tone by forming a "yawn" in the back of my throat... try it.

Your teacher is right, everyone sounds different! Also your own physical characteristics will determine what works..................
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