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I have been playing a few months and producing a fair tone. On my last visit to my teacher she noticed I was breathing through my nose and advised I use the side of my mouth before it becomes a bad habit.
If I use the side of my mouth my teeth slip up the edge of my lip and touch the reed.
I have try ed putting more of my lip over my teeth then I tend to bite my lip.
Its very frustrating I fell I have gone back to square on.
Any advice as I dont see my instructor till next month.:x
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If you can visualize blowing as shaping your embouchure the way you do when you say "OO", think of saying "EE" when you breath in (the center of your embouchure doesn't change, but the sides open a bit to allow air to enter) or "AHH" when you need larger quantities of air.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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