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At the present it's a bit difficult to find information on EM Winston instruments on the internet.

I've been doing research on my used 303GD Alto via internet and email.
Here's what I know so far.
Hopefully, this will be good for future reference.

According to a company representative, all 303 model Alto's "are manufactured in Taiwan" and are constructed of "solid brass alloy, and then either coated with clear or colored lacquer or plated with gold, or silver.." as well as copper.
Their website states that all saxes use "Power forged keys made of nickel silver".

The entire series carry the same specifications which are:

Partial ribbed Construction, Metal Thumb Rest, Deluxe Engraving on Bell, Front F & C# Adjustment Screw, Double Screw, Bow to Body Connecting Ring, Metal Domed Resonator Pads.

The two letter designator after the model number indicates the finish.

GL = Gold Lacquer
JB = Jet Black lacquer
GP = Gold Plated
CP = Copper Plated
SP = Silver Plated
MW = Milk White w/gold keys
BS = Black nickel lacquered with Silver keys
BG = Black nickel lacquered with Gold keys
BU = BUrgandy finish (not sure if it's lacquered)

As I learn more, I'll update this post.

E.M. Winston website is at:

I currently own a 303GD and some of the gold plating is wearing off.
The horn plays well and seems built to last. Only time will tell.
The Winston rep swears there is no GD designator so I sent them a photo of my horn.
I got an email back saying they are stumped and that the GD on my horn must be some sort of mistake.
Perhaps I have a one off that's worth a fortune - lol - I can dream, right?

I have heard horrible reviews on other EM Winston instruments but please be aware they make various levels of instruments from beginner to "Pro" so quality will probably vary as will county of manufacture.
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