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Elvin jones the capitol vaults

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So, in my monthly stash of EMUSIC downloads I usually search out some common names just to see if anything new pops up. The typical search for Steve Grossman led me to this.

Now I have been drroling over the idea of these recordings being re-released ever since I first heard "Live at the Lighthouse" - one of the greatest sax-centric records ever (IMHO). Anyway, they finally released them - as best as I can figure - the complete Blue Note recordings. For 20-30 dollars (depends on where - Emusic has if for about 20) you get all this (and yeah, that includes the Live at Lighthouse recordings).

Every tenor/soprano player should have this.

Joe Farrell
George Coleman
Frank Foster
Dave Liebman
Steve Grossman

and more

Are all on here.
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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