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ELKHART Tenor Sax - 70's - Looks like a Bundy 1 - Any Good?

I've tried a search but not got anywhere, I have this tenor, the only engraving is Elkhart. Left hand bell keys etc, just like a bundy1, any info, age? value? etc welcome.

Thanks for any help.

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It IS a Bundy, basically.

Bundy I's are basically a rebranding of the Elkhart 30/31A Tenor & 20/21A Alto. Elkhart Band Inst. Co was a label which was under Buescher and produced their second-shelf models, give or take. Buescher stopped using that label at some point.

Story more complicated than that, but basically that's the gist.

This one looks fairly late, late 60's/early 70's. Which surprises me because I thought the Elkhart moniker was retired by then.

So the question becomes the Bundy I any good ?

Some would say no, some could make a good argument for a 'yes' reply.

I would say, for a $300-400usd (in good playing shape) Tenor.....not a bad choice.

For $500+, one can probably find better horns....
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