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"El Barrio" by Joe Henderson

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How incredible is this track? Discuss.
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It's a great track but I haven't heard JH's version. (Didn't know he'd done one).
docformat said:
It's a great track but I haven't heard JH's version. (Didn't know he'd done one).
I'm not sure we're talking about the same track. The one I'm thinking of is a Joe Henderson composition on the Inner Urge album. He apparently just told the rhythm section (McCoy Tyner, Bob Cranshaw and Elvin Jones) to play B and CMaj7 chords with a Spanish feel, then improvised a melody and soloed over it for just over 7 minutes. The track on the album is a first take, and it blow my mind. This is the first time I've ever really LISTENED (actively) to Joe Henderson, and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. He's definitely one of my new favorite players.
Wow, if you are just getting started with Joe you are in for some nice surprises.

Joe was a master , just his patterns /rythyms etc. are astonishing. His harmonic sophistication ,whew!!! His blues feel, the tunes he wrote, not to mention his tone. He might not have blown walls down but he had that instantly recognizable sounds.

Have fun listening to JOE, he's on regular rotation here.
El Barrio is my favorite track from the Inner Urge album. His solo is just mindblowing.

Check out the transcription from the book: The Best Of Joe Henderson. Published by Hal Leonard.
Oops - you're right I'm talking about a different 'El Barrio' - I've got Inner Urge but no track listing - I'll have to check it out.

The one I was thinking of was a latin version of that old funk tune 'The Ghetto' - very cool though.

BTW - check out 'The Real McCoy' for some killer JH playing - one of my favourite modal/post-bop albums.
I'll second The Real McCoy. Joe's solo on "Search for Peace" (I think that's what it's called, I don't have it in front of me) is one of my very favorites of him.

As for El Barrio, that's probably my favorite Henderson solo on that album too, although I love to blow on Isotope at a jam session. There are a lot of great saxophonists, but even compared to a lot of them, I think Henderson is one of the most spontaneous of all time. He's a hero of mine.

Dirty, happy listening!
Canyon Lady..that lp has some wonderful tracks
Has anyone heard Joe's solo on a Woody Shaw tune w/ Woody Shaw called "Theme for Maxine"? It's the first Joe I heard. I didn't know anything about him. It's so beautiful the way he creates tension and release with his sound, phrasing, flurries. I should'nt try to describe it but I highly reccommend it. I taped it years ago off of "The Best of Woody Shaw".
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