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I went to a pops concert at the Knoxville Symphony last night. It was a Pink Floyd tribute produced by Windborne Music. The sax player was Eddie Williams (Berklee grad), and he was a monster. While he mostly stuck with the Dick Parry solos, on a couple of tunes they let him cut loose and he was fantastic.

I went a couple years ago to see the Led Zeppelin tribute, but didn't pay much attention to the fact that it was Windborne. They really do a fantastic job integrating the orchestra into the tribute band idea, and have been doing so since 1995 with 14 different shows. Interestingly, the lead singer for Zeppelin was also the lead singer for Pink Floyd, and he did a great job with both roles. He even looks a bit like Robert Plant.

My only complaint was the light show was a bit over the top. These old eyes can only take so many 20,000 watt blasts of bright white or yellow light. If I was prone to seizures, I might have been in trouble. (/s old man says "get off my lawn"). Maybe I needed some herbal assistance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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