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Ebolin modern equivalents

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Hi list

Some days ago I tried a tenor vintage Brillart Ebolin. I loved it's sound and would like to have one. The problem is that I cannot afford a vintage one and I've seen in this forum that the new Ebolins doesn't have the same quality.

Is there any good quality modern mouthpiece with the same design as the Brillart Ebolin?

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By what identifier are you calling the Ebolin vintage? A serial number? I happen to have a couple Ebolins - well, maybe more than a couple. I believe one or two have a serial number.

As a refacer, I'd say they all (older or newer) have great potential :)
Selmer Goldentone and Couf Specials are identical to Ebolins - I don't know if the others mentioned here are identical or just similar.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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