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eBay Auction for Stentor Mouthpiece

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I obviously wasn't the only one intrigued by this auction for a Stentor alto mouthpiece. Looks like a short shank Selmer knockoff on the outside. Anyone know anything about this mouthpiece?
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HI Rackety sax

I saw one of these today a customer brought it into the shop I work i in london - Definately not a knockoff has a different chamber to the Soloist and the lay stamped on the table It had made in france stamped on it in the exact font and in the same position as the selmer paris pieces I reckon this is a Stencil mouthpiece and its like a transitional between an airflow and a soloist. Stenor is a music wholesalers in the UK and I would imagine they had some made for them.
It was a vry nice piece with a shork shank and the guy wouldnt take £200 for it!

theo wanne has a nice bit of info on these which confirms what i was thinking:
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