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Ebay and the saxophone purchase...

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So, here I was sitting at my computer and just browsing ebay for a lark when I decided to check out the saxophone section to see what's cook'n. I decided to check out the Keilwerth saxes as we were able to find a mint example of an EX90 Series III at a pawn shop and I wanted to see what the going price is for these saxes now. Judging by the bidding prices (not asking!) we got a steal of a deal (yes!!) I was checking out the SX90R's and seeing pricing that reminded me of MkVI's and ST90's that were only a couple of hundred dollars!

I was just about to go elsewhere when up popped an ad for an EX90 Series II Tenor sax in the same black nickle with gold keywork that my son's alto is and it was in mint condition as well! The starting price was $1125 which I thought quite reasonable with a "Buy it Now" price of $1810. My boy has expressed a desire to go to tenor sax after next year when they will let him and I am encouraging him to do so if he really wants to. This sax would be, visually, a perfect match for his alto making a striking set! I "bit the bullet" and put in a bid of $1125 and then decided after thinking it over, to increase my bid to the "Buy it Now" price plus one dollar.

I just found out that I got it for the maximum price I had posted! The only way that could have happened is if someone put in the "Buy it Now" price and tried to snipe the sax at the last moment! (It turns out that adding that single dollar was a good idea after all!

I know that there are a lot of people that look at ebay transactions with a great deal of wariness these days but I have had nothing but good experiences with it so far! The sax is going to be a surprise for my son and I am looking forward to working on the tenor lessons with him. This is my Christmas present to myself! I was able to get the sax my son wanted at a reasonable price (even if he won't play it until next summer.) :santa:
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Congrats....but I don't quite follow.

You put a bid in for the opening amt. of $1125...then upped the bid to "Buy Now plus one dollar"....$1811 .....?

Meaning: you entered a bid which was more than the Buy Now....$1811 ?....

This is where I don't get it. I never figured you could actually submit a high bid which was greater than the Buy Now price. One can actually do that ?

You said that the only way it could have made the $1811 final price is if someone 'submitted' the Buy Now price. So does this mean after you submitted your initial or second bid....the Buy Now button disappeared ?
Actually, don't bid increments for high-priced items go in more than single dollar amounts ? So, the last bidder could have bid $1809....?

OK, so I can see the scenario, then. Bid of $1811 made the BIN from then on, it was just a regular auction item....and at the end someone tried to win it with a bid one increment less than Steve's....

This is a really interesting strategy....because there have been times when I have been tempted by a BIN and went for it even though it was a bit over what I feel an open auction would garner. And I have also come across very tempting BINs but had to let' em go because I wouldn't have been able to pay in time.....

So this is sort of a way to "freeze" the BIN price and put off winning the instrument for a few days...allowing that nobody else will come along and bid higher than the initial (but now invisible) BIN price....

It is not a bad strategy on the part of the OP if he was willing to pay $1811 but hoped to pay less.
Yeah...that's what strikes me, too. You are sorta saying 'I'll buy it for the BIN but am willing to take the risk that I can end up with it for less....and am in no rush to end the auction and pay now, particularly..."
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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