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Eb trill leak?

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has anyone had a problem with the seal of a reversed Eb trill on a 10M? It's driving me crazy. I've brought it to 3 different repair men. The low E and Eb speak fine but the low D flutters really bad. No problem with low C and beyond. I get the same effect when I intentially open the low Eb trill and play all of the notes.

I don't want to get rid of this horn but I can't play a horn that's "missing a note".

Any thoughts? Are there any better ways of sealing it off besides reversing the spring?
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don't seal it off!!
get it repadded and the tonehole levelled (if necessary) it is just like getting any other pad to seal,
many repairmen who don't understand the benefit of the e flat trill key will shove a cork under the key guard, for example, or bend the keyguard over the key to close it permanently.
but it should be quite easy to fix if you find a good tech.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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