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Early recordings of Mark Turners Sound/Style

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Ive recently been heavily checking out Mark Turner, I just really love his approach on the horn and his style overall. Ive been watching interviews on youtube and he says that in the early days his main influence was Coltrane and that he was always transcribing him. I also saw this post on Seamus Blakes Instagram in which he is talking about Mark saying, "Mark was the living embodiment of Trane before he dissected apart Henderson and Warne marsh.... then he became mark turner" I am really interested in this because those who know of Mark turner's style he has now developed his own sound which is a lot more influenced by Warne Marsh. Did any of you know Turner personally or see him play early on to confirm this or do you know of any recordings of Mark in the earlier days? Thanks!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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