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Early Babbitt tenor link hr adjustment?

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Hey folks,

I acquired an EB tenor link hr 8 or 8* a while ago and wondering what people’s thoughts are. It’s been played a bunch, but still in pretty good shape. The lettering is completely off and I can just barely make out the opening which I believe is marked 8 however it measures quite a bit more open at .116. I can see the table has a high spot toward the shank end for sure, and the tip has some wear in the form of dings/dents. Nothing huge but it could stand to be cleaned up. Anyhow,I’ve been reluctant to have it worked on as right now with the right reed it plays really free and open. But you can tell it’s a little wonky, and it is a little large for me in that chamber. Any thoughts and who might be willing to do a minimal amount of work to clean up and correct the table but hopefully not particularly alter it’s innate charm? Ha. If it is intended as an 8, I’d be happy if in fkattening the table it ended up smaller than it measures now as well.
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I could take on this project and, of course, judiciously do only what is necessary. And yes - working the table could bring the tip opening down slightly. Like if you wanted it to end up a true 8 at 0.110", that could be accommodated. (y)
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