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Ear training

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Suggetions on how will I develop the ability to identify pitches, chords etc.
Anybody has excperience with this ?

It promises way to much to be true.
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Earmaster pro. Does it for me perfectly well.

You have a free trial, but it keeps on working for me also after the trial period has been expired. I'm thinking of buying it though, just because I like it so much. First need my own computer...
panosgr said:
Jolle,How many days, after the twenty of trial, has the program been working?

Ciaran, I'm looking forward.
I don't recall it exactly, but that should be about a year now. I will buy it though, just need my own computer. I'm now working with one of the job, so if I have my own, I'll have to buy and register it again. So I wait for a while.

A bit more info on "Earmaster Pro" (

It's a program that is working on a lot of different things, including :
- recognizing intervals
- recognizing chords
- recognizing chord progressions
- reading, reproducing, writing rythms
- melodic writing
- ...

The lessons (and there are a LOT) are going from extremely simple (is this a minor or a major chord) to complex altered chords and cyncopated jazz rythms. They're presented in a logical order in every topic.

I don't work with it every day, although I should do so. Still I found it a GREAT help for my musical skills, both reading and listening. It helped me tremendously in learning to find out what exactly is going on in a song.

Highly recommended
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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