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Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase2

by Tim Price

As you get into Phase 1 of thesestudies... this phase should come to you a bit faster.

Apply the same rules as before,and work slowly.

As you start #2... start reviewing #1 in every tempo you can. Goal .

To go a step further, try this. Get a copy of Charlie Parker’s “Bird With Strings”. Sing along with thesemelodies, then solos. Pick one tune you like... and stay with it until you can sing the entire solo note for note! Another great solo many jazz players dothis with is Louis Armstrong’s "Cornet Chop Suey".

Hope this helps all of you who practice it.

~Tim Price

The chart for this lesson as an Adobe Acrobat .PDF document

Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase 1
Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase 3

Created:September 25, 2004.
Update: May 28, 2010
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