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E.Rousseau JDX

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I was looking at E. Rousseau JDX alto hard rubber mouthpieces ,they have a V shaped entry for air to preform the venturi effect , angled sides to chamber . Also noted that the metal pieces they make have extreme slanted sides to chamber. Claimed results would be faster air ,increased performance ,blah and more blah . Asking the experts opinions (as in custom mouth piece makers) and players on this matter ,does this design make a difference that matters in the real world ? Would sound would be enhanced by increase of air speed or make the air you are providing more effective by this particular design ? I have not noticed other manufactured mps. going the same direction . Also ,after selmer I dont think new ones are made this way although I am only going by pictures, and I think the high baffle was done away with . Many thanks for this long winded inquire .
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A friend, after trying heaps of my alto mouthpieces, settled on the JDX7 as her go to piece, supported by an SJ4, a Bari RC5 (with the right reed) and Vandorren A45 but these were all relegated to the draw upon the acquisition of a Phil-Tone Intrepid at about .083". They haven't stopped grinning.
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