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Hi All,
Whilst getting some tunes under my fingers, I have noticed something in one of the tunes I have been playing. The horn is a brand new Yamaha, so I have pretty much eliminated anything with the horn being an issue.
Being very much a noob, I hope I am explaining myself right here.
I am playing an Alto Sax.The tune in question has a passage that calls to play an Octave E Natural to a Middle G Sharp. The music notation calls for these notes to be played staccato. I have no problems with the fingerings for these 2 notes, nor do I have any problems with the finger transitions to and from these 2 notes. I can play these 2 notes quite rapidly in staccato fashion quite easily with reasonable tone.

My problem is this.........

I think the tune I'm playing would sound a lot better if these 2 notes were played legato, although every time I try to slur them together, I get a squeak like the octave key is partially open for a second.
Legato.........squeak between notes.

I can get quite good tone on all notes of the chromatic scale so far up to a single palm key D. No matter how fast or slow my fingering is on these 2 notes, I get the squeak.
Is this one of the idiosyncrasies of the Alto Saxophone, or is it player error ?? The G Sharp key is not sticking and plays as fast as any other key.

Any help would be appreciated,
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