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E flat Clarinet...what fun!

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I played e flat clarinet for several years, and eventually got frustrated with all of the intonation challenges, the need to practice it constantly, and the amount of money I had invested in the instrument and all the gear. (I'm also 6'6" tall and look reasonably ridiculous playing it!). So, I sold my expensive instrument and gear to a friend and focused on some other horns that were less finnicky, and better suited to my physical stature.

However, another friend asked if I would play eefer for him on a recording he's working on. Given COVID-19 and the quarantine, I needed a project and was bored enough to agree. So, I bought and had refurbished a vintage horn to play (see photo) and have been loving it. Maybe I just needed a distraction, or maybe I'm approaching it with a better attitiude, but this time playing e flat has been a ton of fun.

Anyone else have this experience?

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Eb Alto: crying
I'd like to get one, despite all I read about it on the internet.

This is nice:

and some fun from Norway:

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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