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Durga tip opening

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contemplating ordering a Durga, but not sure what size to get. I'm thinking 8* since I currently play on a RPC 110B and that seems closest to what im using. Then they have a 10 that is a 130 tip. Any suggestions on this?
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I have an 8*. It's the best bari mouthpiece I've ever had, and I've had two or three good Lawtons. Initially I tried a 7* (105) thinking that was the tip opening I wanted, but when I tried the 8* I was just so much better in every way, both high and low. 8* (115) is bigger than I would choose, but it just works so well I don't even think about the tip any more.
FWIW a very good player friend of mine had a similar experience going from 7* to 8*.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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