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I was digging in the back of my closet for my VL70m because somebody might be interested in buying it. I also had to find the wall wart that powers it. Looked in the trash bag that has a bunch of cables and connectors and whatsits and in the bottom of the bag is a Dukoff mouthpiece box. Inside is a silverite Dukoff piece with original lig and cap. I don't know how I acquired this, maybe it was for my son's alto which I sold several years ago. I don't have an alto around any more so I have no idea how this piece plays.

I researched this a little on the interweb, but I have no idea if this vintage piece is desirable as a player or collectible. The tip, rails, and face look pretty good. Can anybody tell me more about it?

On the back of the short shank it says:
Super Power Chamber
Miami Florida

On the front of the shank it says D 6
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